Claypan Dam Project

Claypan Dam Project

The Claypan Dam Project is located in the Gawler Craton of South Australia. It has the potential to host a variety of mineralisation styles including iron oxide copper gold (IOCG), nickel–copper, iron–titanium‐phosphate (FTP), rare earth elements and banded iron formation (BIF) ore deposits.

The project area includes a small intrusion interpreted to be a granite of the Hiltaba Suite age, which are well documented to be the source of copper-gold-uranium, and gold‐only mineralising events associated with IOCG deposits in the Gawler Craton.

The margins of the granite exhibit a typical contact metamorphic aureole as displayed by aeromagnetic data. While poorly expressed in existing wide‐spaced gravity data, this aureole is considered to have coincident high-density gravity anomalism, suggesting there is higher than average accumulation of iron, possibly through alteration and brecciation indicating the potential for IOCG mineralisation at the margins

The potential for FTP mineralisation associated with large layered mafic (anorthosite‐gabbro‐norite) along strike remains high and is believed to be a worthy exploration target for discovering nickel, platinum group elements, copper, iron (magnetite), titanium oxides (ilmenite) and apatite (phosphate) mineralisation. Continued exploration will seek to determine the geochronology of the igneous intrusion to define a potential geological model and evaluate the mineralisation potential.

Tempus intends to systematically explore the Claypan Dam Project using ground gravity and magnetic surveys to map the contact of the Hiltaba granitoid with more precision than the current regional surveys. Drilling will enable fresh basement samples to be collected for geochemical, petrographic and geochronological investigations.