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The Company is an exploration company, established with the purpose of exploring and developing copper and other mineral opportunities. The Company was incorporated as an unlisted public company limited by shares on 18 April 2018 for the primary purpose of acquiring a 90% interest in Montejinni Resources Pty Ltd, which is the registered holder of EL31539 (the Montejinni Project) in the Northern Territory and EL 6153 (the Claypan Dam Project) in South Australia. The Company intends to list on the ASX and continue the exploration and development of copper and other mineral opportunities on the Montejinni and Claypan Dam Projects.

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Montejinni Project

The Montejinni Project, located near Top Springs in the Northern Territory has abundant anecdotal and physical evidence of copper rich float within the tenement location. Historical data has been collated and reviewed from previous site work undertaken between 1968 and 1997 by Renison Goldfields, Stockdale, Tipperary Land Corporation and Metals Exploration. The data has a directly northwest trending and likely structurally controlled 20 kilometre long geochemical copper anomaly which appears to be associated with a magnetic trend.

Top Springs - Northern Terrritory

Claypan Dam Project

The Claypan Dam Project is located in the Gawler Craton of South Australia. It has the potential to host a variety of mineralisation styles including iron oxide copper gold (IOCG), nickel–copper, iron–titanium phosphate (FTP), rare earth elements and banded iron formation (BIF) ore deposits. The project area includes a small intrusion interpreted to be a granite of the Hiltaba Suite age, which are well documented to be the source of copper-gold-uranium, and gold‐only mineralising events associated with IOCG deposits in the Gawler Craton.

Gawler Craton - South Australia

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